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Welcome to JULY™ Group, where Han Lee serves as the Founder and CEO, steering this distinguished conglomerate towards new heights in providing premium services for lifestyle and investment needs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, JULY™ Group stands as your one-stop destination for real estate, luxury experiences, and capital investments.



At JULY™ Group, we redefine the real estate experience. Our seasoned professionals offer comprehensive services for residential and commercial clients, guiding you in buying, selling, or investing in presales. From presale condos to luxury homes and commercial developments, we curate exceptional opportunities aligned with your vision.



Indulge in the ultimate luxury yachting experience with our premier service. Whether seeking a breathtaking adventure or an exclusive retreat, our meticulously curated fleet of luxury yachts promises an unforgettable journey tailored to your desires.




Escape to opulence and tranquility with our curated private resort and accommodation experiences. Immerse yourself in lavish surroundings, bespoke services, and extraordinary amenities in sought-after destinations worldwide.




Recognizing the potential of innovative ventures, JULY™ Group supports the growth of start-ups through our capital investment division. We provide funding and strategic guidance to fuel the success of budding entrepreneurs and groundbreaking ideas.




Step into the world of JULY Production where our expertise in art direction, videography, photography, set design, and styling awaits. As dedicated visual storytellers, our purpose is to breathe life into your concepts through compelling imagery and dynamic storytelling, constructing a visual language that resonates seamlessly.




Our core values revolve around integrity, professionalism, and client-centricity. Committed to excellence, we exceed expectations and set industry standards. Join us on this extraordinary journey where luxury, real estate, and investment expertise converge.


Experience a world of possibilities with JULY™ Group as your trusted partner. Embrace the exceptional as we embark on a path of prosperity and unparalleled experiences together.

"You can change the world by equipping yourself with an open-mindedness and an ability to recognize and act on the opportunity right in front of you."



Han Lee is an impact entrepreneur and business architect with a rich history of founding and leading IT, real estate, accounting, international trading, and marketing companies.


Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an active social media influencer and a philanthropic visionary, notably contributing to the Vancouver Chamber Music Society.




Han is open-minded, positive, and an active doer, believing that anything humanely possible is achievable. His 15 years of entrepreneurial life demonstrate fearlessness and determination, making the seemingly impossible a reality.




Described as both a sponge and stone, Han reads extensively, listens actively, and learns without bias. He implements diverse ideas to make a positive impact on his businesses and himself. On the stone side, he is fearless and rigid in business operations, unwavering in his commitment to the mission and core values.




His personal life mission is to make a positive impact and difference globally, building something great together. As Han Lee continues to lead JULY™ Group, his real estate career embodies a focus on clients, dedication to excellence, and a determination to deliver results.




Incepted in 2012, Han Lee has successfully brokered the sale of over 100 diverse properties. His topmost priority remains understanding clients' motivations, and collaborating closely to transform their vision into reality. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he continues to provide exceptional service, making real estate dreams come true.




Han Lee's approach is centered around honest, loyal, and ethical business practices. He commits to passionately exceeding customer expectations, building lifetime relationships, and ultimately delivering results.





Han Lee's real estate excellence has earned him numerous Awards, including being in the TOP 1% of all 26,000 Realtors in BC, TOP 100 Realtors in BC, and various Prestigious Club Memberships recognizing his Outstanding Achievements.

TOP 1% Producing President's Club Medallion Member
TOP 100 Performing Medallion Club Individual Member
Realtor of the Year, TOP 1% President's Club Realtor Award
Realtor of the Year, TOP 100 Medallion Club Realtor Award
Producer of the Year, RGR TOP #1 Chairman's Club Award
Producer of the Year, RGR TOP 10 Diamond Club Award
Highest Sales Unit, RGR TOP #1 Platinum Club Award
Highest Sales Volume, RGR TOP #1 Executive Club Award

Join Han Lee and JULY™ Group in the pursuit of excellence and unparalleled experiences, where every step is a testament to a life dedicated to positive impact and success.


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